08 September 2014

New Location Updates of Big Brother Africa 9

Here is what you need to know about the Big Brother Hotshots fire and New Location.

1. What was the cause of the fire that destroyed the Big Brother house?

Investigations into the cause of the fire remain underway and once investigations are finalized we will release these findings.

2. Were there any fatalities or injuries during the fire?

There were no fatalities or injuries during the fire.

3. Will the house ever be used again for the show?

No decisions have been made on the future use of the house as yet. The final outcome of the investigations will determine whether the house will remain safe/durable to use for future editions of the Big Brother Africa show.

4. What is the new launch date for Big Brother Hotshots?

The final launch date is still being finalized however we expect to have the show on air within a month.

5. Where is the new location of the Big Brother house?

The new location of the house will remain undisclosed until further notice.

6. Where are the housemates?

The housemates are currently based in a hotel in Johannesburg.

7. Are the housemates aware of the postponement of the launch?

Yes, the housemates have all been notified that the launch of the show will be postponed.

8. What will happen to the housemate in the interim while they wait for the launch?

A plan is being put in place for the housemates in order for them to remain occupied and to ensure that they continue being excited about the upcoming season.

9. What will happen to housemates that are not willing to wait for the new launch date of the show?

We will manage this with the housemate should to situation arise.

10. Will Rwanda and Sierra Leone be considered, following the new developments?

This will be confirmed in due course; however Sierra Leone’s inclusion or exclusion will be based on the current travel restrictions.

11. Will the 9th season still run for 91 days?

More details will be released in the near future.

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  1. where exactly is the new house?

  2. Nothing special has been communicated here...

  3. Where is the new Big Brother Africa house & when exactly is it beginning?