12 September 2014

Prezzo' s Ex-Fiancee Says He Is Not A Responsible Father

It is common knowledge that Prezzo’s relationships with his women never end well.

There is always some spectacle for us to watch and blog about at the end of his seemingly blissful relationships. Chagga Barbie, the hottie from Tanzania Huddah Monroe both exposed him as a person living a lie; pretending he was rich and yet he was poor.

One would have dismissed this accusations as the bitter rants of a salty ex, but his ex-wife, Daisy Kiplagat’s latest sentiments back-up the claims made by the other women.

She says that Prezzo is a dead-beat dad and takes all the credit when it comes to taking care of his daughter. But in actual fact, Daisy and her support system that includes her family are one doing all the heavy lifting. The lass who has shied away from the limelight goes further to add that Prezzo once borrowed money from a woman he was dating saying that he was going to pay school fees for his daughter.

This are damning accusations and it is only fair we hear Prezzo’s side of the story. We called him up but he did not pick up our calls.We will give you his side of the story once he picks our calls.

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