07 October 2014

25 Housemates up for Eviction this week

nWhere I come from, I always get suspicious,curious and sometimes scared when someone warns me of how big any upcoming event is going to be! All along we have been hearing this whole thing that Big Brother Hotshots is gonna be bigger than any season, not knowing that 25 Housemates will all be put up for possible eviction! Yeah, it is true and a big shocker!

After a fun-filled grand opening of the hotshots, the next thing we had was the crowning of the Household followed by a massive nomination! Wondering how all this happened in one night? sorry, two hours?… Well, the opening show saw performances from the hotshots as they were getting rated. At the end of it, the winner was rewarded with HOH title.

Laveda’s amazing and soothing saxophone performance earned her the first Head of House title of the season. This not only left her safe for the week, but also put the other 25 housemates’ game in jeopardy as they were automatically nominated for this week’s possible eviction.

With only 13 countries participating this year, plus the Rest of Africa Vote, one can imagine how tricky the voting system is going to be this time round.

At this particular juncture, there are two things we all know in the Hotshots:

1. 25 Housemates are up for possible eviction!

2. At least one housemate will be going home next Sunday!

I leave the rest to you the readers and fans of the show to figure this out as you vote to save your favourite Housemates.

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