08 October 2014

BBA Watchers look at housemates since day one, what do you make of them?

forKuntkunt_medSunday, 5th October, 2014,  Big brother Africa Hotshots premiered with opening gala hosted by IK the incredible after being delayed a month due to out fire break on the BBA house. Lavenda a 29 gal representing the republic of Tanzania  became the first HOH of season 9 (Hotshots). It is also this week that the 25 housemates are on the chopping block and  the Sunday eviction show will see two housemates getting a gate.
As it is in the house, every housemate is trying to do their best to impress the viewers in order to have their votes.
To me, Macky2, Lillian and Sabina have already impressed me,if Kacey lasts for 60days, then the LORD must be  merciful, just a simple prayer may be and the rest are just trying. This is my opinion BTW, what do you make of them, just from these 3days?

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1 comment:

  1. macky 2 has a better chance to stand with tayo than any other..