09 October 2014

Butterfly opens up about Tayo

s-113There’s something with Biggie that makes housemates pour their hearts out and reveal even the safest of secrets if any, well today Zimbabwean radio presenter Butterphly is the latest victim as she opened up about who she really likes in the house.

“I like Tayo, he’s cool, he’s nice, he knows what he wants,” she fondly shared before continuing to say that: “JJ is also cool and knows what he wants and takes charge.”

From the look of things, our Hotshots are clearly starting to “like” each other, a good thing indeed as this will lead to better relationships and getting along well in the house in the short-run.

Initially, Permithias had tasked her to fill him in on who she likes in the house but she was reluctant and didn’t mention names, she therefore just gave a generalized answer: “I like everyone but I don’t like everyone.”

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