08 October 2014

Day 1: Daily highlights

1Time Check: 08:57; Housemates meet RJ Benjamin, a prominent vocal coach, singer and songwriter who takes them through some interesting vocal exercises.

Time Check: 09:05; After the vocal exercises in the garden, housemates retreat to the house, looking ready for Day 1 in Biggie’s house.

Time Check: 09:20; Permithias and Frankie practice what they learnt in the garden much to the excitement of other ‘Hotshots’. Meanwhile, Nhlanhla gives his views on Africa’s music industry.

Time Check: 09:30; Permithias and Kacey come up with some fine tunes aided by the guitar.

Time Check: 09:35; Mira, Luis, Sabina and Trezagah getting to know each other better, nice one housemates!

Time Check: 10:19; Biggie instructs housemates to remain indoors and close all the doors.

Time Check: 10:30; Sabina and Mr.256 are talking, it’s been a while now.

Time Check: 12:45; It seems love in on the horizon in the house as Idris talks about Samantha being a ‘project’. Goitze also talks about having Idris in her interests, meanwhile, Alusa and Idris sweetly chat about Samantha.

Time Check: 12:00; Housemates get a task and it’s all about putting out a fire, HoH Laveda reads out the brief. Meanwhile Esther is so quiet, just looking on.

Time Check: 12:14; The Siren goes off and housemates quickly retreat to the garden, they inspect where the fire action happened and also find a great deal of smoke.

Time Check: 12:18; Biggie congratulates the ‘Hotshots’ for the way they reacted towards the fire alarm.

Time Check: 12:25; Nigerians Lilian and Tayo discuss where they come from and currently live.

Time Check: 12:58; Tayo talks about twerking and goes head to ask Sabina whether she’s aggressive in bed, he goes on to ask the same to the other girls.

Time Check: 13:15; Goitze feels worn out and holds onto her blanket while the others gather in the kitchen for lunch.

Time Check: 14:15; The kitchen table doubles as a djembe drums as they make a raucous noise.

Time Check: 14:16; HoH Laveda is called to the Diary room for another task, it’s part of the Wager. She asks Biggie for Permithias’ guitar as well as some headache pills. After reading the task brief, housemates fail to come to a consensus on how much to Wager, everyone is talking at once…

Time Check: 14:25; Laveda returns to the Diary room and informs Biggie that they’ve decided to Wager 100%, Biggie accepts their Wager.

Time Check: 14:49: Laveda is called back to the diary room.

Time Check: 14:55: Laveda, housemates must perform and they will also be creating a poster to advertise their performance. They need to perform their individual talent. “Get creative housemates”. Laveda must return to the diarly room to confirm the wager. Everything they need for the performance and poster will be foud in the store room.

Time Check: 15:05: Housemates are ordered to stay indoor until further notice.

Time Check: 15:10: The store room opened for housemates to pick some of the materials they’ll be using for the  task.

Time Check: 15:35: Housemates start working on their posters, they also talk about other tasks.

Time Check: 15:42: Biggie calls Laveda to the Diary room. After coming out, she summons everyone and tells them that Biggie has had their cries and so everyone will be having their Diaries today.

Time Check: 15:50: Laveda is called first to the Diary room.

Time Check: 16:20: Laveda talks about her performance yesterday and tells Biggie that she’s looking forward to improving adding that the house was full of energetic and dynamic people, she also feels excited and doesn’t want to sleep.

Time Check: 16:24: Alusa talks how nervous about his performance yesterday, he also applauds Laveda’s HoH reign stressing that she’s handling it well. He’s getting along well with the likes of Idris, Kacey Moore, JJ, Tayo and Lillian.

Time Check: 16:39: Sipe reveals that everyone is getting along well with others, she sings for Biggies and he seems impressed.

Time Check: 16:245: Resa talks about getting along with Tayo and wants to use her Big Brother experience to improve her music. She also begs Biggie to have the air conditioning switched off at night because they’re getting cold.

Time Check: 16:52: Tayo is next up for his Diary, he talks about getting along with Esther. He also has confidence in Laveda and also not getting evicted come Sunday.

Time Check: 17:05: Luis gives Lilian a sensual massage.

Time Check: 17:13: Permithias says he had fear while at stage yesterday but loves it in the house. He’s getting on well with JJ and Kacey. He adds that there’s a lot of freedom in the house.

Time Check: 17:22: Mira is excited to be in the house and feels Laveda is doing a great job as HoH. She says that she feels Africa thinks that she’s shy but she’s not, it’s also fair that she’s up this week, according to her. She wants to have a career as a model.

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