08 October 2014

Day 2: Daily highlights

4Time Check; 08:30: Housemates woke up to a well deserved exercise session especially after the famous drink up they had yesterday, the warm atmosphere in the garden indeed played a huge part in the making the let out a little sweat this morning.

Time Check; 09:15: HoH Laveda talks about tidying up the house, she suggests that two groups of housemates each consisting of seven should clean the lounge and bedroom while the rest work on the other part of the house.

Time Check; 09:49: After the cleaning session, Housemates relax while others especially the ladies have their showers. The boys crack jokes as they wait for the ladies to finish.

Time Check; 10:05: Some housemates like Alusa, Luis, JJ continue cleaning, this time working on the kitchen area.

Time Check; 10:16: JJ and Luis take bites of yellow bananas.

Time Check; 10:48: There’s some boy-talk going on in the bedroom; Luis, Kacey, Mr.265, at the centre of it all, Sabina get involved. The girls are also busy making up to look pretty for the day ahead.

Time Check; 11:12: JJ doing doing what he does best, playing the guitar.

Time Check; 12:00: Most of the housemates are busy bees in the kitchen, grabbing quick bites.

Time Check; 12:45: Ellah and Esther sing and dance to one of their country’s popular band songs, Ellah explains to the other housemates what the songs mean. The two ladies are joined by Tayo as it gets interesting.

Time Check; 12:54: “…the front doors are now open,” says Big Brother.

Time Check; 12:56: Housemates retreat to the garden and try engaging in a dance session, still it’s Ellah and Esther choreographing everything. They dance together with Tayo, Luis, Arthur and Sipe, more ‘Hotshots’ join in.

Time Check; 12:59: Mira discusses with Alusa, Samantha and Idris how she tried to become an air hostess, but that she failed the entrance. Idris is very interested in cozying up to Mira.

Time Check; 15:30: Idris is first in the Diary room for his session, he says relationships are are cropping up in the house and that the atmosphere is good, he gets along well with Esther because she’s funny.

Time Check; 15:38: Sheillah is in the Diary room and tells Biggie that she’s close to Esther, Tayo while she shares a bed with Nhlanhla, he calls her his wife.

Time Check; 15:45:  Kacey is in the Diary room and he spends most of the time crying over JJ’s revelations; having been through a lot at a young age including lacking parents for his first two weeks on earth and also working as a security guard.

Time Check; 15:55: Ellah talks about sharing a bed yesterday with ‘some people’.

Time Check; 16:03: Luis talks about his alter ego called Tayi Tayi.

Time Check; 16:20: Biggie asks Mr.265 where he derived his name, he says 265 is his country code and since he’s an entertainer Mr.265 suits him very well.

Time Check; 16:26: Frankie and Ellah are talking (been a while), seems the East Africa pair are getting some where with this convo.

Time Check; 16:28: Ma’m Pea is confident about winning their 100% Wager because people are creative and Africa should just wait and see.

Time Check; 17:30: Housemates are having late lunch as Biggie continues to call one at a time for their Diaries.

Time Check; 17:35: Butterphly is choked by her own food, she coughs and runs about.

Time Check; 17:40: Frankie says that he doesn’t know much about painting but he’s so far impressed with his piece and will speak a lot about it during the presentations.

Time Check; 18:16: Permithias gets emotional while in the Diary room and cries after Biggie asks her to say something to his mom.

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