11 October 2014

Extravaganza: Team Lavenda or Team Sheillah?

normal_i_449Ever since the housemates were divided into two teams now fondly referred to as either Laveda’s team or the Second/Sheillah’s team, the house and fans altogether have also been divided with some fans/viewers already showing sides and gunning support for a particular team. By the look of things, a big section of the viewers are in support of Sheillah’s team for the obvious reason; ‘since HoH Laveda didn’t choose them, well have their backs’.

After days of intense rehearsing, presentation day is finally here and both teams will be tussling it out to win the ultimate prize; ‘Immunity from next week’s nominations’.

Laveda’s team consists of instrumentalists, artists, singers, directors, models, poets, massive talent generally but the teams’s rehearsals have been hampered with so many disagreements and fight over managerial rights, the likes of JJ and Sabina have been accused of wanting to take control of everything and not letting others have a chance to shine.

As for the Second team, they seem more calmer and a union, the boys and girls have been working together without any problems and if we are to go by their rehearsal session today, then we can predict a very contested Extravaganza show tonight.

Both teams are set to go but who will take the day?

We shall be waiting with bated breath for the presentations later in the evening.

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