13 October 2014

Extravavangaza Results: Team Sheillah wins

32-445Sheillah’s team ‘Waka Waka Mou’ has been declared the winner of the hugely contested Extravaganza talent show thus earning it’s member including; Luis, Ma’m Pea, Sipe, Macky2, Trezagah, Nhlanhla, MR.265, Idris, Ellah and Butterphly immunity from next week’s Nominations.

After Mira’s eviction (who was actually part of the winning team together with Resa), IK went straight to the house and and broke the news to the housemates. Team Waka Waka celebrated the Ronaldo way as they jumped, chanted and ran about in the lounge.

Meanwhile, After Mira and Resa’s evictions, the house now remains with 24 occupants, the survivors must be feeling a bit of relief after tonight’s show, it’s definitely great making it again in Biggie’s house bearing in mind that 25 housemates were up for possible eviction.

No doubt, Sheillah and co put a up a great show, kudos to them, there’s always one winner and the best team won.

As for Laveda and the whole crew, all hope is not lost, like they say, there’s always a second chance, what matters the most is how one gets up after a fall and learning from one’s mistakes is also paramount.

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  1. Laveda is not a good leader biggie and she didn't perform well.