13 October 2014

Frankie, Tayo and JJ heading to the chopping Block

fankieSoon after the first eviction show yesterday, each remaining housemate was called to the diary room to make their two nominations. All housemates had to include valid reasons for their nominations. Biggie’s rule was simple: If a housemate refuses to nominate, they themselves will automatically be put up for eviction. So it goes without saying that all housemates managed to come forth with nominations.

Frankie, Tayo and JJ are leading in the nominations. Whilst many find Tayo’s loudness and abrasiveness distasteful, other housemates reckon Frankie lacks presence and that JJ is full of himself with a "know-it-all" attitude.

First in the diary room was Alusa who nominated Esther and Tayo. He said that he did not connect with Esther and found Tayo to be aggressive. One wonders if he is not intimidated by these housemates. Arthur was next and he nominated JJ and Sabina. He said that JJ was the reason his group lost the extravaganza and that Sabina shouted a lot in her bid to shine.

Butterphly nominated Frankie and Esther because they had gone cold on her, with the result being that they were not getting along anymore. Ellah nominated Tayo because he is aggressive and reckoned they could do without that energy in the house. Her second nomination was Laveda whom she said came off as controlling and so had not gotten to know her better.

After much struggling, Esther finally settled on her nominations – JJ and Permithias. She said that JJ was not a good listener in the group task and that Permithias was provocative and rehashed unnecessary past issues. Frankie nominated Tayo because he talks down on peopl; he said he is immature and very condescending. He also nominated JJ because he always puts the work of others down.

Goitse nominated Esther and and Lilian because she felt they were both poor team players and even after their team lost the extravaganza, they sought to put the blame on other team members. Idris nominated Frankie because he didn’t quite blend in the house and Permithias because he is trying to play the girls. JJ nominated Lillian because of her negativity in their group and Laveda because she began abusing her rights as HoH.

Kacey Moore nominated Frankie for the same reason as that of Idris and Sabina, because he hasn’t been accommodating of others. Laveda nominated JJ because she felt he failed at his task of being a director for their show as they lost and Frankie for not being forthcoming with himself. Lilian nominated JJ because she felt he had a "big head" and felt Alusa couldn’t humble himself in a group set-up.

Luis wanted Alusa to go because he reminded him of Mira and JJ because he came across as a ‘know-it-all’. Mr. 265 nominated Permithias because he had no self-control with how far he pushed people and Arthur because he seemed to be resistant to criticism and stuck in his own world. Macky2 nominated Laveda for being unfair in the manner in which she selected her teams and Frankie for not being real and closing himself up in his shell.

M’am Bea said Esther and Sabina needed to learn other ways of showing respect in their speech and therefore nominated them for being smart mouths. Nhlanhla said Tayo was too loud and abrasive and had no specific reason for nominating Sabina. Permithias said Tayo disrespected women and said Frankie was lost in everything and risked becoming irrelevant in the house. Sabina wanted to get rid of Lilian because she felt they had similar strategies and Tayo for being a loud mouth.

Samantha nominated Frankie and Arthur because she wanted to evict a complete pair from a country to avoid friction with one’s fellow countryman. Sheillah nominated Frankie for his obscure character and Permithias for being annoying. Sipe called Tayo rude and immature and nominated Permithias for not being responsible with house chores. Tayo said JJ had no character and wanted to be like him and said Permithias was a coward not fit for the house.

Trezagah nominated Samantha for bad-mouthing Mozambican men and said the unpleasant dream he had about her confirmed his choice to nominate her. He also nominated Esther because she shouts a lot and is the only one who smokes in the house.

Source:  Dstv

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