07 October 2014

Housemates are finally getting to know each other

normal_p_218Though there is still much of the singing and noise in the house probably because every housemate wants to grab some attention from viewers ahead of Sunday evictions, the housemates are finally getting to know each other better and we can clearly see some pairs, friendships coming up, the future can only get better.

As they continue to get themselves acquainted with the Big Brother house environs, the housemates started off with having the house tidied up before they could embark on other activities of the day. This kind of organization and will surely lead to more relationships/friendships cropping up but it should also be noted that the more these housemates get close, the more we are bound to see tension, bitching and plotting also cropping up.

Well, after the cleaning, housemates made sure they also looked good and therefore took all the time they needed. The bedroom was turned into a temporary beauty parlour. Sabina was busy in the mirror with her make-up while Samantha played hair-dresser to Kacey, giving a new touch to his locks.

But what’s probably grabbing the headlines is the fact that the housemates do much of the singing than anything, still they got into some kind of music show and starting singing whichever song that came to their poor minds. As for JJ, he stayed glued onto his little guitar.

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