11 October 2014

Housemates have their Song released

record1Happiness filled  the Big Brother House yesterday afternoon when Biggie had the Hotshots’  first song played.

Biggie surprised the housemates when he played back a recorded version of the song they created when they had just entered the house. It was  like a dream  when the housemates heard their talent played to Africa. JJ being the  master mind  behind the track, he was seen congratulated by many of his fellow housemates.

It should be  noted that  the hotshots are not  only on the  show for money but also letting Africa know who they are and what they can do. This  has so far been exhibited   in their very first presentation which not only impressed Biggie but also Africa too. They are currently working on an extravaganza where Africa is going to be  the judge.

We hope to see more  coming from the hotshots, all we have to do is keep watching!

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