10 October 2014

Housemates showcase their various talents in the new Task

laveteamBiggie unveiled a new task yesterday; music extravaganza which will see housemates showcasing their various talents and they have to do this in two teams. HoH Laveda who’s at the helm this week was in the driving seat as she selectively and strategically picked her team including comedians, musicians, poets, models, dancers, musical instruments players and directors. She basically chose the ‘cream’ of the house at least according to her.

Laveda’s team includes the likes of Arthur, Frankie, Sabina, Alusa, Lilian, Tayo, JJ, Permithias, Goitse, Kacey and Esther while the ‘un-selected’ Hotshots make up what we shall call the second team. Shortly after the division of housemates into the two teams, Diary sessions commenced and some  housemates like Arthur and JJ from Laveda’s team shared with Biggie that the HoH was a wise girl who chose her team basing on who does what concluding that she’s got it all in her team.

The likes of Idris, Resa, Mr.265 and Ma’m Pea from the second team however said that they’re not perturbed by the fact that Laveda didn’t chose them to be part of her team as they also have special talents which they were looking forward to using to their advantage.

Already, there seems to be tension between the two teams especially with what’s at stake; the winning team will be immune from next week’s nominations. This winning package has put everyone in a compromising situation and ever since yesterday, both teams have not rested and are busy coming with projects just in time for tomorrow’s mouth-watering show-piece.

It’s highly likely that after the presentations on Saturday, the house will be divided as groups seem to have already started forming.

Whose team are you on, HoH Laveda’s or the second team?

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