08 October 2014

"Frankie is soft and sweet"___Ellah

normal_d_499Ellah the Ugandan beauty  told Biggie that she was having great moments in the house with Frankie whom she described among others as being soft and sweet.

Also, during her Diary Session yesterday, Ellah who’s generally known for keeping to herself opened up to Biggie about what was happening in the house especially as regards relationships she may have noticed.

She added that she’s starting to notice some pairs and asked Biggie for some time to find out more. She however filled in Biggie on one of her conversations with JJ who’s allegedly not having sex till he’s married.

“JJ isn’t having sex till he’s married,” she revealed with a smile on her face which begged a question from Big Brother; Why the laugh Ellah? “It’s just funny…,” she replied.

With time, we are most probably bound to notice a relationship or two in the Hotshots house, we hope the housemates bring it on sooner than later!

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