07 October 2014

Kacey has his mind home

By now, we are used to the fact that housemates grab each opportunity to sing and do so many renditions. Well, earlier on, JJ who happens to be one of the best on the guitar in the house sang an emotional song which got the better of Kacey. The Ghanaian broke down and buried his head in his palms much to the surprise of JJ, Sabina and Permithias.

JJ tried comforting him and asking him what the matter was but he didn’t open up which also attracted the attention of Permithias. He also tried comforting him and asking him why all of a sudden he had become emotional in vain.

Sabina took her turn and she surely won the battle as Kacey finally opened up and revealed that he was missing his family. Sabina comforted him and did a rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You inserting his child’s name Jo Jo in the song. He seemed to have calmed down but remained quiet and on the bed.

It’s just two days in the Big Brother house and already it seems like this house is getting the better of some of our very own, we just hope Kacey gets to terms with the fact that he’ll be away from his family for while but of course he’ll finally meet them again, for now it would do him good if he concentrated on his game.

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