17 October 2014

Kenya's Hotshot rep turns 34

normal_f_305It seems we are still enjoying more birthdays this season of Hotshots. After Macky2’s birthday in the Big Brother house last week, this week/today Alusa turned 34 years and this called for a huge celebration in the house as his fellow housemates joked and played with him in the kitchen.

Some housemates joked that he looked 54 instead of 34! JJ pulled one on him when he told the rest of housemates that he would no longer be spending any time with Alusa, when Lilian asked him why, the young Zim rep said that he feared that his (Alusa’s) age would rub off him, something that threw housemates in a hearty laughter.

JJ also said that since he’s an ‘old man’ at 54, he can easily forget his name while Idris reasoned that he could even get them mixed up. Tayo also moved in and shouted in his ears to which Idris said that Alusa could hardly hear what he was saying thus Idris told him (Alusa) that they’d just sang him a birthday song, this made housemates’ ribs crack once again.

Amidst all the drama however, Ellah came around and sang a birthday song for him while he received numerous hugs from the housemates.

By the look of things, Alusa is having a blast today. It’s very interesting to see that housemates get together, joke and laugh together.

Happy Birthday Alusa, Biggie will definitely come through with a cake!

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