13 October 2014

Lillian puts their loss on Teammates

wakak1Lillian did not take well to the news of her team losing the Extravaganza. She took the loss very personally and got hot and bothered over the whole situation. She lost her cool and burst out to Permithias that she hated losing. Permithias tried to comfort her by telling her that a loss is not always a complete loss but those words did not make her feel any better.

Lillian called the loss a “stupid loss” and that her group was supposed to walk away as the winners. The whole time she reiterated how angry she was and began placing the blame on her fellow group mates as she singled herself out, saying that she was a brilliant and experienced actor. She told Permithias that she was glad that she would not have to be in the same group again.

Sheilla soon joined Lillian outside and with another person to lend an ear, the lamenting and cursing continued. She told Sheilla that she felt like a loser and hated havin being in a group with people who failed to coordinate their talents to ensure them a win. A majority of her fellow teammates nominated her for evictions because they felt she was pointing fingers and could not accept defeat together with her teamamtes.

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