09 October 2014


mmornTime Check; 08:30: Sheillah and Nhlanhla share a light moment.

Time Check; 08:37: Kacey and Permithias also have a chit chat.

Time Check; 09:02: As Kacey and Permithias continue talking, Nhlanhla joins them and the trio talk about how humans should never limit themselves.

Time Check; 09:12: The boys’ talk escalates to some of the strategies that could be cropping up as far as the game is concerned.

Time Check; 09:25: Hotshots are evidently happy, it probably has a lot to do with the Wager victory, they definitely know what it means to win one.

Time Check; 09:28: Lilian is still have issues with her voice but we should say it’s a little better though not yet back to normal, we know with time she’ll be back. Meanwhile, Tayo and Macky2 talk about the mucis industries in their respective countries.

Time Check; 09:40: Samantha joins Macky2 and Tayo and the threesome discuss about the various cuisines of different countries.

Time Check; 10:00: Kacey and Permithias sing for Ma’m Pea.

Time Check; 10:30: Housemates talk about female circumcision while Lilian shares her own experience. The discussion shifts to celebrities including Rihanna, Akon, Lupita Nyo’ngo, Nelson Mandela.

Time Check; 11:03: Frankie says that Rihanna is song writer while  Samantha and Idris strongly agree.

Time Check; 11:17: Tayo drums as Sheillah, Lilian and Laveda dance (twerk).

Time Check; 12:00: Tayo, Sheillah, Sabina, Esther, Lilian get on with some drama, Tayo is a director of sorts while they pull off an interesting market stunt.

Time Check; 13:30: Lilian with her ‘voice’, Mr.265 and Ma’m Pea are relaxing in the lounge. The Nigerian is cracking up the two. Meanwhile, Ma’m Pea is sowing one of her clothes while Mr.265 sips a drink.

Time Check; 13:40: Goitse gives Arthur a back massage and he asks her whether she has a boyfriend, she responds with a “No”, but complains why everyone asks her the same question all the time.

Time Check; 13:46: “Do you believe in love at first sight?” Goitse asks Arthur and he replies “yes, I do.”

Time Check; 14:00: Luis teaches Mira how to play the keyboard in the bedroom.

Time Check; 14:17: Sheillah, Alusa, Tayo and Esther are in the garden talking about thieves, burglars and armed thugs. Tayo talks about being stabbed in the past, he adds that he doesn’t fear knives as long as he’s not caught off guard. Alusa says when a thief has a gun, it’s time to give up. Sheillah chips in and says a thief  can still slice off your head with just a knife.

Time Check; 14:28: Housemates continue to relax, seems like they are still worn out from yesterday’s events. While in the bedroom, Alusa plays the guitar, Mira talks to Trezagah about Maputa and all.

Time Check; 14:37: Kenyan reps; Alusa and Sabina are trying to compose a song. JJ asks Sabina for a massage but she declines, he insists and she assures him that he’ll get one from her when she’s done with Alusa.

Time Check; 14:55: Finally JJ gets a back massage from Ellah.

Time Check; 15:06: HoH Laveda is called to the Diary room and housemates have been given a task. Biggie  gives her go-pro cameras for Alusa, Sabina, Permkithias and Lilian. She requests Biggie for new batteries for Sipe as she’s been off for a while.

Time Check; 15:09: HoH Laveda calls all housemates so she can read out the task brief.

Time Check; 15:45: Housemates have to be divided into two teams of 13 each and the victorious team will be immune from next week’s nominations, this will surely be an interesting task. Laveda’s team includes; Arthur, Frankie, Sabina, Alusa, Lilian, Tayo, JJ, Permithias, Goitse, Kacey and Esther.

Time Check; 15:45: Permithias is called to the Diary room to kick off today’s Diaries.

Time Check; 16:00: Esther gets into the DR and tells Biggie that she’s happy about the Wager victory before revealing that she kept a liquor bottle to continue drinking later in the day.

Time Check; 16:55: Sabina sends her shout outs to her mom and baby.

Time Check; 16:59: Biggie still keeps it brief with Resa, she says that people are pretending and seems the game is on.

Time Check; 17:17: Tayo talks about the altercation he had with Frankie which led to the latter calling him names and abusing his country but all is well now because they’ve talked over things.

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