11 October 2014

Live Feed: Day 6

normal_f_500Time Check; 08:55: After a very long evening yesterday, housemates woke to take part in an exercise session manned by Reggie after which they cleaned up, relaxed and engaged in conversations.

Time Check; 09:13: While some housemates take their showers others are reluctant. Meanwhile, the routine singing continues as Sabina shows the housemates her vocal abilities.

Time Check; 09:18: After finally waking up from slumber and missing the exercise session, Luis makes up for the lost chance, he exercises alone.

Time Check; 09:30: South African lad Nhlanhla takes some piano lesson as others showers.

Time Check; 09:34: In the kitchen area, Ma’m Pea and Samantha are preparing breakfast while JJ does the dishes.

Time Check; 09:42: Sabina continues with her singing, she dons high heels and dances in front of the mirror,meanwhile, Idris and Goitse cosy up.

Time Check; 09:13: EstherSmall Pepper’ does a rendition of Michelle Williams’s ‘Say Yes’ and takes plays her back up artiste, interesting.

Time Check; 10:02: Housemates settle down for breakfast.

Time Check; 10:16: Lilian, Tayo and Samantha talk about Trezagah’s game plan, they think he’s ‘non-existent’ and this may work against him, they laugh all through the conversation.

Time Check; 10:32: Comic Arthur and Esther share some jokes as they laugh, sharing some positive energy I guess.

Time Check; 11:02: Most if not all housemates must have woken up on the right side of their beds because everyone seems to be in a happy mood. Sabina continues to singe while Idris and Luis dance.

Time Check; 11:20: Lilian plays hair-dresser to Arthur as she gives his hair a whole new look.

Time Check; 11:40: Esther screams: “Biggie I love you.”

Time Check; 11:52: Permithias plays the guitar and sings to himself.

Time Check; 12:40: Ellah and her team retreat outside, they seem to be having fun as they go about their rehearsals, Trezagah takes the ‘most quiet Hotshot’ if you ask me.

Time Check; 12:48: Ellah and Idris get close, getting touchy feely too.

Time Check; 13:00: Butterphly asks Biggie for a Diary session, Nhlanhla tells her that she’ll surely get it.

Time Check; 13:14: Sheillah and Idris fire up the rehearsals in the garden, what a stunning performance, this team is definitely on the right track.

Time Check; 13:16: Idris suggests that he should kiss Sheillah during the team’s rehearsals but Sheillah won’t be having any of that as she says she hasn’t brushed her teeth.

Time Check; 14:30: The second team continue with the rehearsals, Ellah does some funny dance with a fake butt, or did she get a Hotshot butt plant? Maybe!

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