15 October 2014

"Tayo looking for attention"-Idris

The first intense fight in the Hotshots’ house was witnessed yesterday with Nigeria’s Tayo going head to head with Zim’s JJ and Kenya’s Alusa, it all started with JJ throwing some rap lyrics which Tayo mistook for jabs against him, the two men almost grabbed each others throats until Samantha, Frankie, Mr.265 among others came in to calm down the situation.

This morning after the session with actor/director Clint, Idris, JJ, Mr.265 and Frankie retreated to the garden and tried to discuss about what really happened yesterday and from their tensed discussion, they were of the view that Tayo is an attention seeker but was using the wrong avenue to achieve it.

“Someone is looking for attention. He’s looking for attention,” Idris said before going on say that it seems some housemates are willing to do anything to get far in the game. Mr.265 also conquered with him saying the attention is going to get some people kicked out of the show.

A fuming JJ said: “I can’t stand bullies.” JJ spent the whole conversation letting out his anger and wondered why some people were getting on his nerves, he also reprimanded Idris for getting involved in the fight yet he didn’t know about it’s Genesis.

Funny enough, as the boys continued talking in the garden, HoH Samantha joined them and said that if someone is arguing, they should give him food. Hmmm…

Well, it’s a brand new day and we hope housemates forget about what happened yesterday. One wonders how the likes of JJ and Tayo will get along from now on, only time will tell!


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