08 October 2014

Sabina is playing her game and not to please lonely people like kacey

sabinawwith just 3days after the kick off, kacey hotshot housemate representing Ghana is already crying for home. we all witnessed this yesterday after he was listening to a  rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You inserting his child’s name Jo Jo in the song it that blew his mind home, since then the dude hasn't come to normal.  He seemed to have calmed down but remained quiet and on the bed.  so Sabina is taking time to comfort the lad and make him get to normal.
But as we all know, this is a game, everybody has his/her cards in the chest, if u play a wrong card, then you will have chance to hear biggie's count down, "THIS IS BIGGIE BROTHER,,,, HOUSEMATE YOU HAVE 30 seconds TO LEAVE THE HOUSE 29.....1....OUT".
I think some housemates like Kacey need to change this, whats your view BBA viewers

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  1. Kacey pls cheer up my brother is too early to cry for your baby. Play the game well bro.

  2. Why kacey is crying for his bby and his wife,u think this is ur house ooooh pls.u know if u do not ready for the game u better live the bigbrother house for those who are ready for the show right

  3. I hate guys who cry like babies