08 October 2014

Sabina is proving a star just from the word go, true?

sabinaWith just three days after the most popular Africa reality TV show, big brother Africa season 9 themed  "hot shots" premiered on our screens, so much has been going on inside the house. The likes of housemates trying out renditions every moment they get, guitars playing almost every minute. eating like there's no tomorrow and chemistry forming between housemates and lately massage between housemates.

Sabina Sadler from Kenya is grabbing attention of every viewer basing on the way she does her stuff just from the word go. She is playing the game well and seems to spend 60+ days in the house that is if the rest of the housemates don't step up their games.

do you think she will finally grab the USD300 bucks? remember Macky2 is another guy looking at it

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