17 October 2014

Tayo scared of Sunday Exit!

p-044Being nominated breeds doubts about one’s game and safety while in the Big Brother house, it’s therefore never a piece of cake as it comes with it having to worry the whole week as one ponders what could be in store for them.

We are just a day from Sunday and housemates very well know what the day means as regards the game, you are either evicted or survive to live another day.

Today during Tayo’s Diary, he revealed to Biggie that all was going on well except for the fact that he was up and couldn’t help but worry about Sunday. “I’m worried about Sunday. My mind is thinking about Sunday,” he sadly said before continuing to say that he hopes that Africa gives him another chance because he feels there’s still a lot he can offer as far as the game is concerned.

Tayo also shared that surviving on Sunday will raise his confidence and mean that Africa still loves him as he had reformed and was acting right towards his fellow Hotshots.

Biggie applauded him for his change in behavior and reminded him that he was chosen to be part of this season for his personality thus he should take solace it stressing that Sunday will take care of itself.

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