08 October 2014

The housemates are already loving Esther, do you too like her?

estherNow, Ugandans, atleast those who value some decence and brains must be really mad. Like really mad, because Esther is really blonde. but hey,people are loving her, especially her fellow housemates. They find her funny, apparently.

Today, I took my time and waited for diary sessions and was specifically interested in the Ugandan reps being so early to single out the good ones. So, Ellah came first and she did great, she sounded very educated and very well spoken too. I love Ellah because I appreciate someone who listens and articulates their words the way they are supposed to be. Her time elapsed and i sat pretty waiting for Esther.

Haibo!!!!!! Disaster! the lady came, sat in the diary room and sounded super clueless about everything. She couldn’t answer any questions straight and guess what, people reacting on line are all loving her,so maybe people like me have no right whatsoever in judging our own blonde.

Truth is that she is the most trending person in the house right now. Everybody loves her except us Ugandans. why are we like that? No idea. She might be blonde, yes but she can as well be the one to win the money for Uganda for the very first time. (I mean we have had some very smart reps but think about it, why havent any of them brought home the money? May be it is a blonde we need to get this dime?)

I think she will surprise many of us. So let’s just vote both girls and make sure none of them comes back home come sunday.

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