11 October 2014

Trezagah feels out of place, language barrier

normal_d_124It’s day 6 in the Big Brother Hotshots house and you must have noticed one of the Hotshots who’s been silent since day 1. To fill you in, it’s Mozambican Rapper Trezagah who seems to be out of place and having no idea about the game.

His quiet personality has actually attracted the attention of fellow housemates including Tayo, Lilian and Samantha who were of the view that his silence might cost him dearly as regards the game.

The trio got into a convo and Samantha joked to the Nigerian pair that they had a new housemate, the two looked confused and went on to anxiously question her who she was referring to. The South African lass calmed their nerves when she pointed out Trezagah’s name and the threesome burst out in a hearty laughter.

Samantha further said that Trezagah asked her yesterday what it means to be in the Big Brother house to which she seemed surprised that the rapper had no idea what it meant to be in Biggie’s space.

Tayo chipped in and said that Trezagah was very quiet and hardly noticed in the house thus this may work against him as far as the Hotshots game is concerned.

Trezagah himself told Biggie in one of his Diaries that he’s quiet and simply observing the rest of the housemates because he’s having a language barrier challenge but if you ask me, he’s not that bad and can actually hold a long convo, maybe it’s just his persona.

The first eviction show of the season are around the corner, will Trezagah’s silence cost him the game or will it just make the voters sympathize with him and thus have his back?

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