08 October 2014

Trezagah's language could cause him problems

tIt seems Biggie up to now has failed to make a clean sheet of Housemates despite the 9 editions he has held. At least every season there is one or two Housemates with personal problems which turn out to be  challenges  in their battle for  the jackpot. I remember those with anger management issues and  all time cry babies in some of the previous seasons.

While in his very first Diary Session in the Big Brother House, Mozambique’s Trezagah revealed how hard he finds it to communicate  and express himself  to other housemates in English. ” My English is not good. Other housemates have  English as their first or second language but in my country it is the third. This is giving me hard time to talk and that is why most of the time  I am quiet just listening  to what other people have to say.” The 23 year old rapper told Biggie.

However, Biggie tried to encourage him that it’s not only language that matters in the  Big Brother house, but actions too because they speak louder than words. He told him that he has to do what he has to, to win the hearts of the African audience.

Basing on the little criteria  I know that housemates use to choose their  nominees, communication and relation play a big part. We therefore shouldn’t  be surprised if not talking or language barrier comes up as a nomination offense in the Hotshots, and if it does, Trezagah will be our regular nominee till his exit..Let’s hope he doesn’t become the target

What do you think  will happen to Trezagah?

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