18 November 2014

Former Big brother africa stars Return

exBiggie never and will never run out of surprise if today’s twist is anything to go by. In this season’s biggest twist yet, he’s bringing back ten ex-housemates. Biggie announces that he has decided to put all of the housemates for nomination. Big “Brother you are smart, I love you” says Sheillah. IK informs everyone that it is a prank. IK introduce the ex stars:

Tanzania, Feza- The Chase (Idris reacts with shock.)

Zambia, Sulu-The Chase (Macky2 is happy)

Botswana, Miss P- Amplified (Sheilah and Goitse are excited.)

Nigeria, Uti- All stars (Tayo jumps around.)

Malawi, Natasha-The Chase (Sipe waves her flag.)

Ghana, Elikem – The Chase

Mozambique, Leonel – Amplified

South Africa, Luclay – Amplified

Uganda, Denzel – The Chase

Zimbabwe, Vimbai – Amplified

The housemates countries are all represented by an ex-housemate, in other words, if a housemate from a particular country remains in the house, an ex-housemate from that housemates country will be introduced into the house. Confused? The housemates will be told that Africa will be choosing whether or not to replace them with their fellow countrymate. This means that they will be under the illusion that they can be replaced in the house by an ex-housemate from their country. Biggie is pranking them Biggie-style.

What’s you take in this prank?

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  1. I like d yesterday 9t drama in bg brother house. So, I can't wait 2 see more of it....tayo all d way