18 November 2014

Idris-Goitse, Natasha advises

It seems the ex-housemates have been watching the show with keen interest on the Goidris couple before their entry last night going by the way Idris was advised on how to handle his failed relationship with Goitse. Shortly after entering the house and making themselves comfortable, Feza had a chat with both “warring parties” and advised them to work out their differences because they liked each other and that they could indeed work out something.

This morning, ‘Mama Africa’ Natasha and Idris had another heart to heart with the Malawian “talking some sense” into the young lad, she echoed Biggie’s sentiments advising him “Play Your Game” and to cease wasting all his energies on Goitse because she’s not the reason he’s in the house. Natasha also shared with him that they’ve had been boring initially as a whole and emphasized that Africa wanted more entertainment from them.

Idris listened clearly and seemed to have taken the advice session in good faith only to run to Nhlanhla thereafter and told him that the ex housemates seem to be against him because they won’t stop talking and advising him on Goitse. Nhlanhla told him that he shouldn’t listen to them because all they wanted was to out him from the show. JJ chipped in and agreed with Nhlanhla saying that he (Idris) shouldn’t fall victim to such manipulations.

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