16 January 2015

Big Brother Africa Winner Uti wants a Lady to become Nigeria's Next president

remiDespite the fact that GEJ and Buhari are strong contenders for the Presidency of Nigeria this year, Uti doesn't support any of the two.

Uti Nwachukwu  is infact very concerned enough about the February elections to vote for a new Nigerian president.

There are two major contenders for presidency in the upcoming elections, APC’s Mohammed Buhari and PDP’s Goodluck Jonathan. However Uti is not supporting either of these two, he tweeted saying ” I WONDER WHAT THE COUNTRY WILL BE LIKE IF A WOMAN BECOMES PRESIDENT. ….can’t wait to vote a ‘HER”.

Professor Remi Sonaiya is the candidate of the KOWA party and she is the only female Presidential aspirant for the upcoming elections.

Would you vote for a female president to lead Nigeria?

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