16 January 2015

Check Out Four Of Prezzo's Most Memorable Feuds Of All Time

Prezzo’ bad guy enthusiasm has always drawn love and hate to his character from all corners. His cocky attitude has worked both for and against his favour. He has been lambasted, vilified and ridiculed. But that’s what makes him. And unlike other celebrities, all his controversies have been well documented, making him more like a reality star than a dope rapper. Here are some of the rapper’s most memorable feuds

Prezzo Vs Bamboo

This was epic, super epic as the two artistes just couldn’t quit trying to dismantle each other’s careers. Around 10 years ago, Prezzo’s camp and Bamboo’s camp couldn’t see eye to eye. The feud would even spill into the streets with endless reports of fights at concerts. The two artistes were all at the epitome of their careers. Bamboo was the dope MC while Prezzo was the rich guy with sleek lyrics. It was fun but then the two ninjas decided to reconcile by doing a collabo together. Aaargh

Prezzo Vs Jaguar

It all started when, while being interviewed at a radio station, Prezzo was asked who Jaguar was.. And Prezzo being Prezzo responded by saying that he had no idea who that person was. He claimed that the only Jaguar he knew was a car model. But it should be noted that Jaguar started the whole thing. Out of the blue, he came out accusing Prezzo of flossing with his parent’s money and not being a real hustler. And then the two went on to trade insults over a long period of time before they all got tired.

Prezzo Vs Huddah

The socialite thought she had found the love of her life in El Presidente. But what did she expect? The rapper calls himself Mswati – a name reserved for men who like having many women. Huddah got chewed and spitted out then she went on the expected tirade of hurling insults on social media and broadcasting her heartbreak. We all got wrapped in the inter-personal drama, savoring each moment. Huddah’s rat-a-tat assault didn’t amount to much though as Prezzo just didn’t care. He moved on to other bishes

Prezzo Vs The People

There was a time Prezzo flossed too much that Kenyans got sick of it. He would show up to events in choppers and limousines then act like he was the real president of the country. It was too much. Almost everyone would talk sh#t about him, depicting a universal gesture of annoyance. Prezzo’s reputation dwindled as a result but he laughed last. His inclusion and eventual success in Big Brother Africa catapulted him back to A-list status.

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