30 August 2015

Kenya's Annabel Mbaru Is Back In School

Kenya's former Big Brother Africa representative Annabel Mbaru has once again decided to go back to school.
BBAfrica Annabel Mbaru School Nairobi
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It is the dream of every parent that their daughters and sons go through school, get office jobs, drive good cars, start a family and keep the family name alive. Most of us don't go that way though, because sometimes life doesn't go that way.

Anna Bananna, popularly known as Anne Mbaru first became famous when she was chosen to represent Kenya in Big Brother Africa, the tale after that is pretty long-winded. The shorter version is that Anna has gone back to School to study for her MBA. She says: 

"Caught between a rock and a hard place. Oh well..might as well embark on my second journey in life #orientationday #usiuAfrica #MBA."
BBAfrica Annabel Mbaru Academic Qualifications Kenya
She has not given details of what she will be studying. 

Anna Banana has starred in a much talked about film, Silverrain which is set to hit theaters soon.

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