22 March 2016

Kyle Duncan Kushaba: My Big Brother Africa Journey Part 3

The weekend went fast. Monday evening, a call came in from Johannesburg telling me to send my Passport copies and to hurriedly process a Yellow Fever Card.

The boys picked us up at about 7:30 Pm and off we drove to Kireka blasting away to Lady Antebellum's Grammy Winning "Need You Now" Album which had songs like 'Just A Kiss' , 'My Kind Of Love' among other beautiful pieces. We always sang loud to these songs on our way from Vision Group back home.

We dropped Janette by the Lugogo bypass since she was going to Engen to spoil her lungs with some shisha with friends, she loves all things smokey that one.

We sped off onto the Jinja highway and by the time we reached the Kyambogo University stage, we were so high off elation that by the time we hit the climb that ushers you to Banda, Nigel had the car at almost 120 on that narrow road. 

It got worse when a funny boda boda guy tried to overtake from the left where I was in the passenger seat. Things got scary.

Being night, we definitely didn't see the guy but as Nigel signaled left to get some gas at Shell, the car had hit the guys off the road and oh dear Lord, fear took my chest by the balls and I did the unthinkable as I tried to help Nigel slow down. 

I literally tried to hold the hand brake so we could see what had happened.  Little did I think that we could have been mobbed even if we were not in the wrong.

Nigel instead sped off like a mouse at the sight of its nemesis with head and backlights off. That night we could have been clobbered by those Boda guys to death, God knows what happened to those chaps on the bike.

For a moment, we forgot about the good news and we first got home and hid the car (Tumukunde) for a few days. I mean, what if someone had noticed the plates? 

On one evening after a day's long hustle at Vision Group, Nigel disappeared and Agaba and I had to hope on a taxi to Kireka, little did we know that he had gone to bad manner with his new chic whom he was getting serious with (This was awkward to us, of course). 

For starters, Agaba noticed the chic first in the Vision Group Library but did nothing about it (He was the slow one) but by the time I noticed her and actually liked her, Nigel had taken another step. 

To be honest, we were not used to having hot chics at work. This girl was one of a kind but also proud as hell, probably this is what Nigel fell flat for since he is also a proud fool. 

One thing that sticks in my mind is that she had and still has the best pair of feet I have ever laid my ever drooling eyes on. 

My buddy Nigel married that girl three years later. 

Lucky Bastard! Sarah, don't worry I am no longer crushing on your feet because now they became normal to me; I guess I see you, or them too often. 

So Agaba and I rushed home and put rice and beef on the fire. We always prepared our own meals. 

Makes me wonder why some of you guys wait for your lady to even boil tea for you. I find it stupid honestly. 

So, Nigel got home late and I could smell a lady's perfume all over him. I just looked at him sheepishly and we just burst out laughing. 

We had our dinner and tuned to The Crime Investigation Channel to watch The First 48. We truly loved our Television and through this, we were unmatchable information-wise in the newsroom. 

Some people even started hating and thought we forged accents but little did they know that TV can do wonders, we grew up on TV and so only a backward person would have such ill thoughts about us.  

So we thought, at least.  We always told them that we are the Three Musketeers and they couldn't do anything about it. 

One thing was clear though, we were good at our job. Ask Sebidde Kiryowa, the man who is solely responsible for bringing me to Vision Group. 

The next day was Saturday and we stayed home just lazying and calling all sorts of girls to come chill with us. We were single, wild and free so what do you expect? Eat burgers?

The weekend went fast. Monday evening, a call came in from Johannesburg telling me to send my Passport copies and to hurriedly process a Yellow Fever Card. 

I asked myself…Yellow fever? Are these people nuts?  I remained in a state of shock for a while because I had not been told if I had been chosen to represent Uganda or not. 

That day I had mixed emotions and I did not even tell the boys because I did not want us to get overly excited like the last time. 

At 5pm, we went to the gym in Banda where we worked out most of the time. I was so skinny that I couldn’t wait to grow bigger. Now am big and I am working so hard to get my old skinny self back.  

The most horrible thing happened! After parking our 'Tumukunde' very well, Agaba put the keys in his shorts and we hung the clothes on one side of the gym and moved to the outer part to carry some weights. 

This was around 7pm. Everything went normal till 9 pm when I felt tired and moved out to stretch, I didn't see the car but it didn't cross my mind that anybody could have drove off since we had the keys and its central lock was fastened. 

I thought Nigel had given the keys to someone to may be move it, so I didn't make a fuss about it. When we were done and ready to go, Nigel moved fast to the car to get some money to buy a few groceries in the same mini-mall where the gym was. 

Brother came back weeping!  I had never seen this guy in a worse state before. The car had been stolen! 

Our 'Tumukunde' was gone.

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