29 May 2016

Mother To Be Zainab Involved In A Fight!

She's taken pride in her pregnancy and has not hidden it from public eye, always giving details of it as it continues to bulge.

Zainab Sheriff a model and movie actress is also an EX-Big Brother Africa Housemate who months ago got married in a traditional wedding ceremony in Sierra Leone.

She's however perturbed by those who've been smitten by her social media activity where she shares photos while at the beach with her lovely huge baby bump.

Some people have 'advised' her to stay home and rest while others have suggested that a pregnant woman shouldn't be out at the beach but she thinks otherwise.

Check out her full statement below...

"Society is trying to tell me how to celebrate my bundle of joy, society think it not okay for me to wear bikini when I'm at the beach because I'm pregnant... Society think it not okay for an African woman to show off her pregnancy because the korkor will come get me.. Society has a fucked up IDEOLOGY that it trying to force on everyone. It funny how someone called me a bad mother because I dare to dangle my pregnancy in the manner in which I choose, it funny how I stayed up through 2015 praying for this and now that God has answered my prayers society is telling me I'm not fit to be a mother simply because I choose to celebrate how I so desire.. I have been at war with society since I was 12 years old and I'm still winning, so I guess I'm the good guy... PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING AND YET PERCEPTION IS JUST PERCEPTION.. I'm all for happiness, so if judging me makes you feel better about your self, judge away. If it makes you happy, feel free to be happy on my expense but don't expect me to care though..."

We think everyone has a right to do what they like and Zainab is not an exception, go girl!

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