23 May 2016

Roki’s Ex-Wife Pauline Finally Finds New Lover

Remember Pauline Gundidza? Well, she’s back.

For those not in the know, Pauline aka Mai Sky is singer Rockford “Roki” Josphat’s ex-wife and former member of hit urban grooves outfit Mafriq.

Roki was one of the contestants on BBA 'Stargame' 2012.

Pauline has not only re-launched her music career, she also has a new love in her life. After her acrimonious split with the father of her two children Roki in 2009, she endured both professional and personal challenges.

But her future looks bright in the arms of her new lover, Fuzzy L, real name Manzul Fazlahmed, who has also inspired her musical comeback.

Although Fuzzy L is well-known in celebrity circles, in the world of adrenaline junkies he is a household name, being one of the pioneers of the local burnout circuit.

They have been dating since 2015 and Pauline believes she has found her other half. Fuzzy L, a divorced father of one, has remained in good books with his ex-wife who does not seem to have a problem with Pauline now being in the frame.

Fuzzy L was hanging out with his ex-wife and her current man, Big Brother Africa star Hakeem Mandaza, at last week’s Japan vs Germany car show.

Fuzzy L and Pauline do not seem to get enough of each other and of late the pair has been attending almost every function together.

The lovebirds revealed their relationship details to The Sunday Mail Leisure in an interview about their musical collaboration on a track called “Isu Takunda”, an Afro-pop song that has been well received.

Fuzzy L said: “Here is the thing, Pauline Gundidza and Manzul Fazlahmed are two individuals that are dating and are deeply in love. We have been going out for a while now but even before we started dating we had done some work together.”

Fuzzy L, who ended his 14-year marriage with the mother of his child last year, has been handling it positively, leaving the past behind but maintaining good relations with his ex.

“You see, I was married for 14 years and no matter what happened in my life with my ex-wife that is all in the past, our present lives should not be affected by the past.

You saw me with her and her new man, she is now with Hakeem; we roll together and we always visit each other,” said Fuzzy L.

Pauline and Fuzzy L talked down plans of tying the knot and said they were happy with their current status.

“I’m coming out of a marriage and Pauline was also married at one time; we are still trying to find our settings and we don’t want to rush. Our relationship is very strong, but at the moment we should not be speaking about things like marriage until the time is right,” said Fuzzy L.
Pauline said artistes were complicated people, which is why it was important to get to know each other before taking the next step.

“Marriage has to be after some serious consideration because we would not want to rush into something we will both regret.

We are still in our first year so we are not rushing and we need to outline our expectations and stuff like that,” said Pauline.

Their new song, produced by Oskid, is Pauline’s first significant move to reestablish herself after her departure from Mafriq.

“Isu Takunda” speaks about being victorious in various challenging situations that people come across.

“This song is about overcoming different challenges that arise in life and it was written in a way that applies to everybody.

I understand that everybody has different challenges in life but the idea is to persevere because the end is always brighter, so no matter what obstacles you meet along the way you should stay focussed on the goal,” said Fuzzy L.

Pauline added: “On a personal note, this song talks about victory over things that life has thrown in my face, coming from a rugged past, personally and professionally.

After the end of my relationship with Mafriq, it was not really clear if I was going to come back and there were times when I would doubt myself because other people of my generation were doing very well and I was seemingly not doing anything but this song has actually opened a new chapter in my life.”

Mixing personal and professional lives has proved to be a problem for many couples but Fuzzy L and Pauline have managed to keep it together.

“There are always challenges in anything that you work on because when two creative people come together, they bring their own individual ideas but the good thing about me and Pauline is that even if we argue, we always come up with a conclusion for the benefit of the main goal,” said Fuzzy L.

Fuzzy L is virtually a nonentity in mainstream music yet he has been in the game for years.

“I have been in the music industry for a very long time but behind the scenes and mainly in underground music.

I released my first single last year, ‘Like My Music’, which featured Ammara Brown but I have featured in other songs like ‘Africa Unite’ with MOVIP and ‘Buda Mugomba’ with Mr C, Blackbird and Roki.”

He is working on his debut album “Taking A Little Time Out”, due for release “soon”.

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