06 February 2017

Bally Scores Benefits With The The Green Card

We last week saw a rush among the housemates on a search and find battle for the Green advantage card. 

The card was to be used by the Nominated Housemate once he/she was up and pass it to a fellow Housemate in case they got evicted on Sunday. 

It couldn’t also be stolen but only change ownership if the Housemate chose to do so voluntarily. Housemates wasted no time in turning the House upside down to try and find Biggie’s surprise.

Fortunately Bally who was not on the nomination list found the card last Saturday after they all failed to do so.  

The card gives him power to automatically remove him self once he is nominated. He is to chose between Yes/No before the nomination session ends, If Bally is nominated and He chooses Yes it’s the card that will save him and if he picks not to He will have postpone it to the other week and relay on the public votes.

Will Bally Aka Mr B survive this week. Lets here from you?

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