01 April 2017

Efe Wins This Week's Friday Night Arena Games

Following an Extreme week inside the Big Brother Naija house, the housemates headed into the Arena last night in a bid to score not just a win, but unlock some much needed luxury treatments from Biggie.

Big Brother meanwhile didn't wast no time in acknowledging the housemates' efforts from all the games they had created and performed all day, in fact he rewarded Marvis for winning in the house games by giving her back her luggage.

It was now time for serious business as Biggie read out the rules of the night’s games, it was a seven stage obstacle course consisting of two mental stages and five physical stages. 

Most of these obstacles were familiar to the housemates and with that, Biggie summoned the first housemate to the starting line.

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Bally was first up and he kicked off the proceedings with a near perfect start to the evening, setting a good time of 3:47seconds on the seven stage obstacle course.

Bisola was next and she seemed to have totally overcome her fear of the obstacles in the Arena as she blitzed through the obstacle course, smashing Bally’s time in the process to set a new record of 3:06seconds.

Debie-Rise came next and after making good progress on the first six obstacles, she got to the last obstacle which was a jigsaw puzzle. She got stuck on this obstacle and fumbled her, getting buzzed out at the last stage.

Efe then came next blitzing through the first six stages of the obstacles with so much ease. Though he stumbled at obstacles three and four, he still reached the last stage in good time and raised his hands to signal his completion of the course and stopping the clock and an impressive 2:30seconds; setting the new time to beat.

Next up was Marvis and she seemed to be making good time on all the first six obstacles. She got to stage seven and seemed stuck here, struggling to piece the jigsaw puzzle together until she, like Debie-Rise got buzzed out.

And lastly TBoss stepped up as she was more than determined to outshine everybody and this mindset was evident by the stern look of concentration on her face. She made good time in getting through the first six stages but alas, she, like her compadre Debie-Rise and Marvis also got buzzed out.

It would seem the jig-saw puzzle has become the biggest killer of the night claiming three out of the six Housemates that crossed it’s part. 

Efe was then crowned as the winner of the night, he was given 20seconds to pick a Housemate he would be sharing his luxury rewards with and he wasted no time picking Marvis making it “a night of winners”.
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