23 February 2018

Tobi and Cee-C finally make-up

From conclusive conversations to wins, the Housemates had an eventful day.

This morning the vibe in the House was much lighter and more upbeat than some of the events that transpired last night. Even though the Wager was won, tears were still shed.

It seems like Cee-C couldn’t handle the low key silent treatment Tobi has been serving lately. Her discomfort lead to a lengthy conversation between the former constituents of team Cebi. 

They tried to iron out their differences but it seems the allegations made ran deeper than the cracks the allowed us to see. Tobi simply wanted a sincere apology but failed to voice that out. Cee-C couldn’t have guessed.

The Housemates were still caught up in the baby hype when Big Brother introduced the Safe Sex Awareness Task as an extension of parenting and responsibility.

They were to create a talk show and dissect the topic using real like challenges and theoretical examples as well as compose a song to further relay the message. 

Although with half invested efforts, the Housemates were able to bag yet another Wager win, making this their second consecutive one; following two consecutive losses. Are we seeing a pattern here? 

There was not much celebration as the Housemates expected a big fat L following Biggie’s criticism but the stars aligned in their favour this time around.

As the mini celebrations continued, Cee-C and Tobi excused themselves from the group and continued where they’d left off during the day. 

They both said their peace, with Cee-C almost shedding some tears and it all was well as they hugged it out and Tobi promised to be more considerate of Cee-C’s feelings.

The Housemates continued with their conversations and feasted the early morning hours away.

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