Abby Plaatjes’ Profile

Abergail Brigette Plaatjes, commonly known as Abby, is a South African fraud consultant, writer, TV host and reality TV star. She is a former Big Brother Africa season 1 housemate where she represented South Africa in 2003 and became the fifth housemate to be evicted from the show on Day 84 after receiving 11/13 votes to evict.

Abby Abergail Brigette Plaatjes - Big Brother Africa Season 1 Housemate

Profile Summary:

Name:Abergail Brigette Plaatjes
Age on entry:25
City of residence: Johannesburg & Durban
Country:South Africa
Occupation:Fraud consultant
Relationship status:Single
Star sign:Libra
Education:Diploma in Public Relations and Business Communication (Damelin School of Business, RSA)
Favourite food:No red meat, chicken, fish and anything Italian
Favourite movie/actor:Dead Poets Society – Laurence Fishburne and Al Pacino
Favourite song/singer:Jamiroquai, Bob Marley, Sade, Depeche Mode, House Flava 5
Hobbies:Reading, swimming, laughing, dancing
Bad habits:Burping and smoking
Way to relax:Reading, sleeping, or going for a walk
Hero:My dad
Phobias/Irritations:Inconsiderate people is an irritation of note
Motto:Love life, be free, and dance like no one’s watching!

Truly and proudly South African, Abergail describes the country as colourful, vibrant and healing. She says having such a variety of cultures is spectacular as is the way of life in South Africa.

Her favourite place is visiting God’s Window in the Mpumalanga because it is so serene and that “until everyone goes there they will never understand how appropriate its name is”.

Having travelled to Washington, New York State and seen the whole of the East Coast, New York is definitely one of her favourite places.

She gets irritated when asked the same question too many times as well as being disturbed when she is busy.

People who allow themselves to act stupid occasionally while adding ‘spice’ to stories make her laugh.

Asked what she would take into the Big Brother Africa house, she highlights her Iyanla Vanzant book. She describes as funny, entertaining and something that will keep her “on track”.

Season Highlights:

Days spent in the house:84
Nominations received:5
Times nominated:2 (Weeks 4 & 12)
Evicted:Sunday 17 August 2003

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