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Alexander Adebayo Adetomiwa Okoh, commonly known as Bayo, is a Nigerian economist and businessman. He is a former Big Brother Africa season 1 housemate where he represented Nigeria in 2003, he became the sixth housemate to be evicted from the show on Day 91 after receiving 9/13 votes to evict.

Alexander Adebayo Adetomiwa Okoh - Big Brother Africa Season 1 Housemate

Profile Summary:

Name:Alexander Adebayo Adetomiwa Okoh
Age on entry:28
City of residence:Oturkpo
Relationship status:In a relationship and going steady
Star sign:Aries
Education:BSC Economics (University of Jos, Nigeria)
Favourite food:Rice stew, chicken, Plantain
Favourite movie/actor:Die Hard / Bruce Willis
Favourite song/singer:Beng Beng Beng / Femi Kuti, Clap / Busta Rhymes
Hobbies:Cooking, Reading ‘junk’ magazines
Bad habits:I eat meat even when I am full
Way to relax:Good food, good music and watching movies
Hero:Nelson Mandela
Phobias/Irritations:Stingy people, snobs, dirty toilets, kitchen gossip and moody people
Motto:Never say fail

Bayo Okoh is absolutely clear on what he’d like his Big Brother Africa experience to be. A determined young man, he wants the unique experience to be “wonderful, explosive, mind-blowing, exciting, lasting”.

He’s confident that he will get on well with the South African housemate as he believes both countries have similar backgrounds. With this in mind, it?s not very surprising to discover that he, like so many others, ranks Nelson Mandela as an icon. Bayo says he admires the Nobel Prize winner’s determination and willpower.

Bayo enjoys both Nigerian and international entertainment and ranks Grammy-winners Missy Elliot and Ja Rule with local artists Lagbaja and Kwam 1 as favourite musicians.

His favourite actresses are Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry and his favourite foods are pounded yam and egusi soup.

An enthusiastic man whose greatest fear is to “not to make it in life”, Bayo credits his mother for having a profound influence on his life. Tanzania

Season Highlights:

Days spent in the house:91
Nominations received:13
Times nominated:4 (Weeks 4, 6, 8 & 13)
Evicted:Sunday 24 August 2003

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