Angel Awotarigha’s Profile

Angel Awotarigha's Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018Meet Angel Awotarigha: He loves the colour red and his favourite food is beans.

He is 31-years-old and likens himself to a lion because he is strong.

His hidden talent is his ability to learn fast and he enjoys music by Evanescence.

Angel Awotarigha is a filmmaker and music lover from Bayelsa state who often gets mistaken for a famous Nigerian personality.

He enjoys martial arts, swimming, playing the guitar and video games.

Working with an American rapper is a highlight of Angel’s career.

One of ten children, Angel lost his mum a year ago and his family is strongly rallied behind him.

Angel describes himself as passionate, and keeping his fiery and emotional nature under wraps may be a challenge in the House.

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