BBNaija 2018 Day 18: Housemates have fun at the Valentines Day dinner

Big Brother Naija 2018 Valentines DayWe were all busy asking ourselves what Big Brother’s plans were for the housemates especially it being Valentines day, but he really didn’t disappoint as he made sure the housemates celebrate this day love with a lot fun.

Following a huge clash that should have led to their parting, by Biggie’s orders, Cee-C and Lolu remained chained to each other for no other reason than theirs – or rather Cee-C’s capricious disposition and refusal to apologise.

Well Cee-C has proven that she could bend people at will, exhausting everyone along the way except Tobi her on and off flame in the House. Cee-C cussed and hissed yet still had to put up with Lolu whom she silently scapegoated.

And later on in the day, Big Brother tasked the male housemates with cooking their best noodles dishes for their female pairs.

The truth is that it was a really fun exercise as they took it at heart to devise deliciously creative ways to win their Task.

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After being feted and sweet-talked to, it is Ifu Ennada who animated the after-dinner hangout, with a drink in hand and the magic of language, she untied more tongues than expected and juicier revelations flooded the living-room.

And with Ifu Ennada holding the ropes and Bitto as her accomplice, the two anchored a rather explicitly revealing talk show where Housemates revealed their most intense sexual fantasies. The evening did however come with its own twists and turns.

So after accepting to share their first kiss in the house, Cee-C and Tobi went down to their old path, with Cee-C throwing her tantrums and Tobi apologetically tailing her. Ahneeka wore her ‘counsellor’ robes and tried to restore peace in the love nest.

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