BBNaija 2018 Day 63: Khloe Abiri is the Boss in the house now

Khloe Abiri and Nina Ivy FightSince returning to the Big Brother Naija 2018 house, Khloe Abiri’s return seems to have shaken the house and it looks like she’s taking full advantage of it.

Khloe’s presence in the House has always been felt and even after the Reset, she still manages to rub the other Housemates off the wrong way. Basically, it’s like she never left.

At first, her demeanour made everyone else think that she’d been redeemed from her old chaotic ways that equated to a her and K. Brule’s premature exits, thanks to their collective strikes.

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However, it seems as though the dragon had been in hibernation and has woken up because in just a week, Khloe has had more quarrels than some of the other Housemates had since inception.

Her return was obviously frowned upon by the Housemates not only based on the fact that she had a bit of a noisy history. Understated? But also because she didn’t stay long enough for them to fathom her strategy and measure just how strong she was in terms of Votes.

Her strategy might have been completely overshadowed by all the quarrel and indifferences she’d had with the other Housemates pre-return but now, it looks like that is what she’s adopted as a strategy.

Having been outside and fully exposed to the public’s perceptions of the different characters and roles in the House; the one that Khloe seems to have picked up from all the Big Brother Naija related frenzy is the fact that people feed on quarrels and misunderstandings; swallowing it whole and forgetting that too much of anything is nauseating.

If you thought Cee-C shook the House, then Khloe’s recent outburst with her, Nina, Alex, Teddy A and Tobi has certainly made the foundation complain because the amount of instability went from minimum to over the limit real quick.

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Her game face seems to be hardening as the fateful finale draws nearer, making her that more likely to hit the drum harder. One trait of hers that can’t be ignored however is the fact that even after ugly brawls and cut-throat confrontations, she manages to bounce back into the others’ good books that they can’t help but hug it out without really hugging it out. You, friend but foe but friend.

Two things. It’s either we’re getting what we see and being fed the real Khloe or she’s adopted a rather messy strategy.

Nonetheless, it’s still anyone’s game and if this is what she deems effective, by all means, let her quarrel away.

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