BBNaija 2018 Day 80: Cee-C receives a strike, Tobi Bakre receives a stern warning

Cee-C Receives Strike Tobi Bakre Receives WarningIn addition to stripping her of this week’s Head Of House title, Big Brother has also issued Cee-C with a strike for breaking rules and regulations of the Big Brother Naija house.

If you aren’t aware yet, today Cee-C had a verbal fight with Tobi Bakre that lasted for close to an hour in which the former continuosly showered the latter with insults.

Big Brother tried to calm down tensions by going as far as asking the housemates to freeze but Cee-C and Tobi picked up from where they had stopped as soon as Biggie unfroze them, Biggie further made efforts of summoning Tobi and Cee-C to the diary room a few times but they still couldn’t seize fire.

And left with no option, Big Brother decided to demote Cee-C from her Head of House duties and asked the housemates to immediately appoint another Head of House, Alex was quickly made Head of House and immediately resumed her duties.

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Because she was the Head of House, Biggie believes that Cee-C should have resolved the issue it in a better way as a leader. Big Brother is of the view that Cee-C failed to display vital leadership skills therefore he decided to strip her of her Head of House title which was later followed with a Strike.

Later on after a few hours, Big Brother asked all the housemates to gather in the lounge where he showed them a video of Cee-C insulting Tobi during their fallout, and due to the provocative nature of the slurs thrown by Cee-C, Biggie decided to award Cee-C a Strike and Tobi a stern warning.

Cee-C and Tobi moved to the garden after being issued with a strike and stern warning respectively inorder to have a word, the two tried to resolve the matter at hand but Tobi walked away when Cee-C said he’s always wanted to see this side of her but came back and told Cee-C to let it go as they only have a few days to go.

And then later on while having a conversation about the incident that lead to Big Brother awarding the strike, Tobi told Alex that he felt Cee-C needed to vent and say her piece.

So what do you think about Cee-C’s strike and Tobi’s stern warning?? Please share with us by dropping your comment in one of the comment boxes below.

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