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Big Brother Africa WikipediaThey became part of our lives, we loved them and we always looked forward to their next moves.

They are the unforgettable names of Big Brother Africa, and as we draw closer to a spanking new season, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll have even bigger personalities.

Big Brother Africa Season 1: Bruna from Angola may have been the first ever Big Brother Africa housemate to be evicted from the show but, her principles meant more than anything else to her. Africa just couldn’t understand how such a beautiful woman would blatantly refuse to shower naked – that was unforgettable.

On the other hand was the yummy Gaetano who took Africa by storm with his charm and grace. Well, it was South Africa’s Abbey who stole the Ugandan’s heart on the show and the two became the first ever BBA couple. Oh Abbey.

Big Brother Africa Season 2: The second season came with a bang and it seemed like a battle of the strongest characters. The likes of Lerato, Meryl, Tatiana and Richard always kept Africa entertained. However, the highlight was ‘Richiana’, Richard and Tatiana’s ‘special friendship’. Their boldness in publicly displaying affection towards each other was priceless! Did we mention that Richard was already married at the time?

Big Brother Africa Season 3: Speaking of the third season, who would forget the bald-headed and feisty Tawana? After finding herself embroiled in somewhat of a love triangle with Kenya’s Sheila and Zambia’s TK, she switched lanes and started spending more time with Angola’s Ricco and later Zimbabwe’s Munya. Did we mention that Munya and Ricco were best friends in the house?

Big Brother Africa The Revolution ‘Season 4’: The hustle and bustle of the Revolution made it impossible for the housemates to realize that Edward had a double, literally. His identical twin brother Erastus was also part of the game and the two occasionally swapped roles in the house, completely fooling the rest of the housemates. Their success in executing this mission earned them individual roles on the show.

Big Brother Africa All Stars ‘Season 5’: It would honestly be unfair to single out any one housemate from Big Brother All Stars because this was the season of some of the biggest personalities to have ever graced Big Brother Africa at the time. The crew lived up to the expectation and gave Africa the show of their lives.

Big Brother Africa Amplified ‘Season 6’: Big Brother Amplified was all about the Otonos. Remember them? Yep, Karen and Luclay practically ran the show. These two had a love-hate relationship that only they understood. Luclay’s hot-cold personality won him the most-emotional BBA housemate ever. Who cries over being scratched though? How can we forget Ghana’s Confidence? Her laissez-faire attitude and larger than life personality made her a constant feature on everyone’s nerves. Not that she cared of course, which is what made her stand out.

Big Brother Africa StarGame ‘Season 7’: Let’s just single out a few StarGamers; Edith, Tamara, Maneta, Janette and Mildred were the most conspicuous in the full Downville house. These were the no-nonsense girls.

Then of course in Upville we had Goldie (may her soul RIP) who competed with past-season’s Luclay in the waterworks department. Her onscreen beau, Prezzo was always in harm’s way and then there was Lady May. Honestly, Lady May wore her pink heels everywhere, all the time, even when doing exercises – who does that? Did we mention that Sierra Leone’s Zainab woke up one day and decided to shave all her hair – yep, all of it – live on continental TV.

Big Brother Africa The Chase ‘Season 8’: Thinking back to The Chase, Kenya’s Huddah immediately comes to mind. An exhibitionist, sexy dancer and a gorgeous diva who made the men hot under the collar, she was not scared to show off her best assets, yet she was voted out in the first week. Uganda’s Denzel seemed to love that kind show and he told anyone who cared to listen. Actually, Denzel was all over the ladies and really made his week in the house count. Will these strategies work better with this season’s housemates?

Will we see independent women such as The Chase’s Natasha from Malawi, who shoved Sulu from Zambia after a heated argument? The Chase had a colourful variety of personalities, housemates who delighted Africa such as Beverley from Nigeria, whose youthful, spontaneous laughter and seductive dancing had Africa enthralled and enamored; or will they be like Oneal who divided opinion with his strong views and perceived arrogance.

Ooh it’s getting hot in here as Big brother heats up with the Hotshots season! Should we look forward to another Oneal, Natasha, Zainab or maybe a Bruna? Or could there be a Tatiana or even a Luclay? We really can’t wait.

Who is your favourite Big Brother Africa housemate of all time?

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  1. Ken Mzamo says:

    Big Brother Africa Stargame is my best..

  2. Doug Quan says:

    The Chase was much more better

  3. Carol Bosibori says:

    big brother the revolution…..kevolution the revolution.

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