Big Brother Introduces New Twist Of Voting Two Evicted Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates Back Into The House

Big Brother Introduces New Twist Voting Evicted Housemates Back Into The HouseTwo evicted Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates to be voted back into the house.

Big Brother allows you to Vote to bring back two Housemates.

In a twist like no other this season, Big Brother has decided to put the power in your hands. At the end of the Sunday Eviction show, Ebuka announced that this week the public will be voting to bring back two of their favourite Housemates.

Yes, that’s right, this week you will have the opportunity to Vote to bring two Housemates back into the Big Brother game this season.

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The eligible Housemates are Anto, Leo, IfuEnnada, Ahneeka, Angel, Princess, Bitto, Vandora, Dee-One, Khloe and K.Brule.

The Housemates will continue with Nominations as normal on Monday evening, but they will be null and void. Of course, this is a little detail that they will not know until next week. Instead of saying “Goodbye!” to a current Housemate, they will be saying “Hello again!” to two ex-Housemates who will be joining them in the quest towards the 45 million Naira.

The two Housemates that make it back into the House next week will be returning as individuals, and not as their original pairs.

This means you will be Voting for an individual Housemate, and not a pair. The returning Housemates will remain in the House until they are Voted out according to the normal proceedings of the season. They will take part in all House activities, Nominations and Tasks as well.

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This twist has been seen on international Big Brother seasons like the U.S and Canada, but this is a first for the African continent! Make sure you have registered to Vote this week, as it’s going to be a big one.

Voting will open immediately after the Nomination show on Monday evening.

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4 Responses

  1. South Africa says:

    Don't know how this will work, evicted HMs know how we feel about HMs in the house, they might capitalize on their flaws, I think they should have let the come but not run for the money. and they know what we did not like about them, they will correct that as well. but BB's house and BBs rules.

    • Anonymous says:

      Big brother is running out of ideas! The mistake he mad from the beginning was to pair them! he should hv paired female & female / Male & male OR should hv done random pairing not allow them to choose! Just wondering abt the numbers this time arund..I doubt hes making money..his own mistake

    • South Africa says:

      Agreed, it just created a lot of confusion and emotional imbalanced, this group is young and they put romance before their game.. SAD. last season, we knew from the get go what they wanted to do with their lives, this year, it's just chaotic, they are just young….

  2. Anonymous says:

    big brother should bring in new housemates, the evicted housemates already it wan in the house was and are out there with a lot of influence on the current housemates, some already know who evicted them and this may cause uproar among themselves, secrets will be revealed e.g miracle and cee c are married this might affect them etc if the rumors are true…my views
    however i would like to see Ifu and Ahneeka back in the house

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