Big Brother issues K. Brule and Khloe Abiri with a strike

Big Brother issues K. Brule and Khloe Abiri with a strikeThe Big Brother House is fun, games and everything else in between but it also more and the the housemates seem to be oblivious to this.

Like here na dey kingdom and Big Brother is the King. What the man says goes! The housemates seem to have found way too much comfort in the House’s luxuries and Big Brother’s patience na dey turn leaning tower.

Even after being scolded for being too unruly, going through punishment and ultimately losing their 75 percent of their Wager, they haven’t changed their ways and this might just bring dire consequences.

On that ‘consequences’ note, there is trouble in the K_square paradise. At first, Khloe seemed to be a catalyst for disaster when she was in constant brawls with the other Housemates, but it’s K. Brule who effortlessly scored them the very first strike of the season.

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If this was a soccer match, we’d call this an own goal, Abi? According to Big Brother’s rule book, even self-inflicted violence is a strike worthy offence. ‘Super man’ K. Brule literally deserves an Oscar for throwing himself from the balcony. We no dey get K-Leg o.

Being the extra-terrestrial oga that he is, Big Brother no dey let slide o. On top of earning a big fat strike and being a step closer to being booted out of the competition, Khloe and K. Brule will not be participating in the Head of House qualifier task.

This was undeniably a stone to swallow for the offenders because nominations are ushering in and they’ve literally lost any chances to immunity.

This was clearly spicier that the chief of pepper soups and Khloe’s face gave it away real quick. We bet she fought with all she has to avoid a brawl right there and then. K. Brule can be so ‘Wayo’, we no no o, after all, this was only the first week.

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