Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 3 Task Preview: Housemates Explain The Meaning Behind Each Of Their Colourful Outfits

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 3 TaskA quick preview of the Day 3 task – “One love, On Nigeria”.

In yesterday TASK given to the Housemates by Biggie with a Thyme “PROUDLY NAIJA” where Housemates took it upon themselves to proudly show off where in Nigeria they are from since their cooking privileges were taken away by Biggie in order to increase the mood in the house.

The TASK was filled with all the colourful Naija outfits which took on new meaning as each housemate explained the meaning behind each outfit and accessory.

Cocolce: She changed her name to Mujiso for the task session she tell us about her culture The Yoroba like parting who love uniqueness and like to do the money dance at parties as it is spread on them as some body picks it for her as she leads while dancing.

Miyonse: He is a Joroba boy named Oluwashe, He says tells his joroba aspect pointing out beats a and saying the importance of beads cnat be over stated and it is only royals that were permitted to wear in there accent regime but the current times the infiltration of pop culture people wear them for fashion and it distinguishes a classy person from ordinary one.

Bisola: She comes as Omoyuruba from Egu state where they don’t wear such clothes that’s why they normally wear simple clothes. They are also commonly know for there Egusi prepared with pepper blended with other spices famous food “Jari jebuu” in Nigeria and concludes saying Egu state, her people are predominantly Christians.

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 3 Task

This seemed to unite the Housemates as they all stood together hand in hand and proclaimed “One love, one Nigeria” Will this help the Housemates to make up their minds about who to nominate for possible eviction? Tune in today to find out.

Meanwhile, Later In Day 4 we also wait for Big Brother to reward marks for the best acting team. So which team you will earn the highest marks? Lets wait and see.

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