Big Brother Naija 2017 Reunion : “I do not roll with small boys who can’t afford recharge cards” – says TBoss Idowu

TBoss Idowu Says She Doesn't Roll With Small Boys Who Can't Afford Recharge CardsYesterday was fourth episode of the Big Brother Naija 2017 Reunion show and the revelation keeps coming, with Marvis Nkpornwi making an appearance alongside Tboss Idowu, Soma and Miyonse Amosu.

Marvis started out with her views on the love story of TBoss and Miyonse which she perceived as a game plan, talking about how quick it all escalated.

The budding rapper, explained that she felt the popular chef was not just ‘being used’ by TBoss but also he enjoyed it.

The discussion of ‘who was using who’; didn’t die down quickly as it came up again when Soma pointed out that Miyonse always defends TBoss even after she actually stopped him from speaking at a point. For Chef Miyonse to stand and defend himself, you know TBoss has to be involved right?

TBoss reiterated yet again that she doesn’t roll with small boys that “can’t afford recharge cards,” as she’s got multiple suitors running after her, and not just ordinary suitors, but rich suitors with private jets.

The moment when TBoss put up her Big Brother Naija love interest for possible eviction was the climax of betrayal in the See Gobbe edition. Now the two decided to explain and confess how they really felt in the cause of that particular subject matter.

Speaking of one of the most controversial statement of Big Brother Naija 2017, TBoss still insists that she’ll spend the prize money 25 Million in a week! She went ahead to explain how she intended to use the entire money for her mum’s all paid expense trip to Dubai.

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