Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 1 Review: Love, Entertainment, Fun And Tears

Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 1 ReviewWelcome to week 2 of Big Brother Naija 2017, if you missed anything that took place in the first week, here’s a review of week 1.

It’s been a dramatic first week in the Big Brother Naija house with temper tantrums, love triangles and flirtation at every turn. The theme of the week was Proudly Naija and the Housemates won their 100% wager with Big Brother after slaying most of the weeks tasks. Here’s the overview of everything that’s happened in week one since day 1.

Week one: Day 1
There was quite a bit of tension among the Housemates at first. A lot of them felt they couldn’t trust anyone else. This wasn’t helped by Uriel and Gifty having a tiff with the latter breaking down in tears as a result. Later that day Thin Tall Tony led everyone in a group dance, immediately lifting the atmosphere in the House. Efe also won the daily task and became this season’s first HoH.

Week one: Day 2
The day started off with the Housemates singing Uriel a spirited rendition of “Happy Birthday” at midnight. In spite of this, Uriel was sad all day and broke down during her Diary Session. Big Brother treated her and the Housemates to a red velvet cake and wine. Efe sealed the deal by giving Uriel his HoH title as a present. The Housemates also did an excellent job of composing proudly Naija songs.

Week one: Day 3
With Day 3 came a barrage of hits and misses. Big Brother punished the Housemates for wasting food and not managing their time well during the cooking task the previous day. He then took away their cooking privileges. On the positive front, they did an excellent job recounting Nigerian, folk stories from their childhood then creating and presenting their own. Bisola and Efe won the task. Big Brother turned up the heat by giving them a second task in which they only had an hour to create a look that championed the heritage of any Nigerian group. They rose to the occasion, nailing that challenge too before ending their day donning traditional Nigerian attire and explaining its significance.

Week one: Day 4
With nomination day came the shocker. Big Brother encouraged the Housemates to campaign for likes or face eviction. What followed was more than three hours of tearful and heart-breaking accounts as the Housemates shared their personal struggles. ThinTallTony stripped naked during his campaign and told the Housemates, “This is all I have left”. The shocked Housemates screamed, dispersed and wept after this. The sombre accounts continued throughout the day and in the end, Bally, Cocoice, Tboss, Kemen and Miyonse were nominated for eviction. After battling with the decision, HoH Uriel swapped Miyonse for Marvis.

Week One: Day 5
As a reward for doing so well in the challenges, Big Brother reinstated cooking privileges, a decision met with much joy and celebration. The Housemates also got brand new clothes and shoes from our sponsors Payporte! Big Brother further rewarded the Housemates with a Nigerian Hip Hop themed party headlined by Dj Xclusive. They spent the rest of the afternoon decorating the party room. They’re day ended with the Friday night task in which Bisola unfortunately hurt her knee. Efe once again, emerged victorious.

Week One: Day 6
It wouldn’t be Big Brother without love interests. The Housemates spent the day playing cards and charades but with the party looming they became more comfortable and flirty with their crushes. Several love triangles had taken shape as the week progressed. Kemen and Uriel (who’d already exchanged lap dances) picked up where they left off and did a little dirty dancing.

Tboss seemed down and didn’t dance so Miyonse kept her company abandoning Gifty who he’d been flirting with all day. Marvis and Efe were all over each other and along with ThinTallTony also the most animated at the party! Overall, the Housemates loved the party and enjoyed Dj Xclusive’s set.

Week One: Day 7
The Housemates woke up in an upbeat mood, singing and dancing all morning. They took advantage of the sunny weather and basked in their bikinis. Miyonse finally cooked for the Housemates. It remains to be seen what people think of his tasty looking, chicken dish. The nominated Housemates, Bally, Kemen, Marvis, Cocoice and Tboss got their hair cut and styled in anticipation of the eviction. They all seemed quite sullen during their Diary Sessions. Little do they know, Big Brother isn’t eliminating anyone and is instead introducing two new Housemates tonight! Now we wait and see how they react to this plot twist.

Later in Day 7, Big Brother introduced two new housemates, Bassey and Debie-Rise.

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