Big Brother Naija 2018 Week 7 Nominations Results

Big Brother Naija 2018 Week 7 Nominations ResultsHere are the housemates up for possible eviction this week on Big Brother Naija 2018

As its the norm, Big Brother asked the housemates to nominate two fellow housemates each for possible eviction this week.

Biggie announced the most nominated housemates, but this time, the new Head of House [Nina] had no power to save a housemate and replace with another basing on the ‘New Immunity and Power of Veto twist’.

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Below is how all the housemates have nominated each other;

1. Anto nominated: Teddy A & Alex.

2. Rico Swavey nominated: Cee-C & Miracle

3. Cee-C nominated: Alex & Anto

4. Lolu nominated: Rico Swavey & Bambam

5. Bambam nominated: Tobi & Anto

6. Tobi nominated: Teddy A & Bambam

7. Alex nominated: Bambam & Cee-C

8. Teddy A nominated: Tobi & Miracle

9. Miracle nominated: Cee-C& Lolu

10. Nina nominated: Bambam & Lolu

Below are the week 7 final nomination results;

Anto – 2 nominations

Alex – 2 nominations

Bambam – 4 nominations

Teddy A – 2 nominations

Cee-C – 3 nominations

Lolu – 2 nominations

Tobi – 2 nominations

Miracle – 2 nominations

However, the Head of House is free from the burden of saving and replacing the nominated housemates as she is free to watch on as things work them selves.

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There are currently 10 contestants battling for the 45 million naira grand prize and 8 housemates are up for possible eviction this week. With 42 days gone, the housemates have 43 more days to spend in the Big Brother Naija house.

Voting starts tonight and brace yourselves and get prepared. Don’t forget that ‘The PAIRING is OVER’. As from this week and on-words, as the Housemates will be playing in the games as individuals and you will be voting for a single contestant. So make sure you register before and so you’re all set to rally behind your winner and keep them in the House.

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